Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a registration fees to attend the event?

There are no registration fees associated with the event. You only need to register yourself (during the designated registration period) in the forms available here.

I just finished my academic course, can I attend the conference?

Geomundus is a conference that does not require participants to be graduate students, allowing individuals to attend even while pursuing their academic's degree without any issues.

Can I present my work in the conference?

For attendees who wish to present their work, there is an opportunity to submit papers or posters and compete for travel sponsorship. More information can be find here.

How can I apply for a travel sponsorship?

Those who choose to submit a paper or poster will also be considered for the travel sponsorships. The conference will offer 2 travel grants: to the authors of the best paper and the best poster.

Who will be the keynote speakers this year?

The keynote speakers are experts, researchers, and specialists in the geospatial field and other related fields from the academia and industry. We will announce them in the next weeks on our website and social media handles.

Who are the workshop leaders?

We plan to have interesting workshops from professionals with expertise in the geospatial field and from our sponsors who will support the conference. To see more informations about them, make sure to check the program schedule and follow us on social media.

What is the intended of the travel sponsorship?

This sponsorship is intended to assist with expenses such as tickets, accommodation, and food. However, it's important to note that the sponsorship cannot cover all expenses, nor can it be used for visa fees.

If I win the best paper/poster, when would I receive the travel sponsorship?

By the regulamentations of our university host (UJI), we can only reimburse expenses already incurred.

How to reach Castellón de la Plana?

Please take a look here to get more information about how to reach Castellón.

Would my paper be published after the conference?

Short papers accepted and presented at the conference will be published on the GeoMundus Website.