All time slots below refer to Central European Timezone.

  • Time Description
    8:30 Online Registration
    9:15 Opening Ceremony, Keynote introduction & Short documentary about Geomundus history
    9:45 + Keynote Presentation 1: Prof. Dr. Paula Moraga

    Title: Geospatial Data Science for Public Health Surveillance
    Talking about the developments of innovative statistical methods and interactive visualization applications for geospatial data analysis and health surveillance

    10:30 Presentation Session
    11:10 Break
    11:40 Presentation Session
    12:20 Sponsor Presentation
    12:50 Break
    13:50 + Keynote Presentation 2: Dr.Gerald Blasch

    Title: Wheat Rust Early Warning System in Ethiopia – Using New Technologies to Combat Crop Disease

    During his talk, Gerald will describes the existing early warning system and the planned development of additional, new component s for enhancement based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing, such as UAV-based high throughput phenotyping for biotic stresses.

    14:35 Alumni Session
    15:05 Poster Session
    15:35 Career Development Session
    16:35 Closing First Day
  • Time Description
    9:00 Registration
    9:30 Opening & keynote introduction
    9:35 Keynote Presentation 3
    10:20 Presentation Session
    11:00 Poster Session & Break
    11:15 Presentation Session
    12:35 Overview of Workshop Session
    12:45 Break
    13:45 Keynote Presentation 4
    14:30 Workshop Session (Webinars)
    15:30 Closing Ceremony for the Conference
    16:00 Networking Session (Breakout Rooms)
    17:00 Conference ends