2021 Mapathon

Olá Mappers!

Are you passionate about maps, do you enjoy visualizing your data and conveying your message via cartography? Then you are the perfect candidate for this year’s Mapathon!

Just like in last year’s conference, you will have the opportunity to submit and share your astonishing maps at the 13th edition of GeoMundus.

What’s new? This year we will provide a specially selected dataset and reveal it online 2 weeks before the conference starts. So check out this section again on Friday the 12th of November and you will find some nice geospatial data and the prizes that could be yours!

But that’s not it! We are also excited to host a very special guest from the cartographic community, John Nelson and his “Button Pushing vs Brain Bending” recorded session on Saturday, the second day of the conference before we announce the winners!

John Nelson is a map maker, software experience designer, and writer at Esri. He works with the Living Atlas team, creating geographic data, web experiences, moderately-educational blogs, and mildly-instructional videos. He works in a small woodshed in Michigan and relishes the opportunity to chat with other map folks. Check out his youtube channel for more inspiration!

About his session: Mapping (or any new) software can be a nervous endeavor for fear of getting a step wrong and going off the rails. But sometimes jumping the rails is just the sort of thing that can get us working more confidently with our tools, invite a confident curiosity, and lead to discoveries. In this presentation we'll build a representation of terrain, but it's really just a thinly veiled invitation to embrace gumption and experimentation.

Special thanks to ESRI Portugal for supporting this Mapathon. They are generously providing us and the Mapathon participants with free ArcGIS Pro licenses until the end of the conference. Let us know if you are interested by writing to organization[at]geomundus.org.