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How to get there



Getting to conference venue

There is a bus (Aerobus) network from the airport that offers services to passengers travelling to various destinations in the city center. A ticket to the city center should cost a minimum of €3 and can be purchased directly from the bus driver. The buses run every 20 or 30 minutes (every 20 minutes from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and stop at important points in the city such as Campo Pequeño, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida , Restauradores and Rossio. To get to the conference venue from the airport, you can take Aerobus and get off at Marquês de Pombal station and walk to the Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação (ISEGI) in 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take Metro/subway from Marquês de Pombal and get off at São Sebastião station, walk for 5 minutes on Ave. Ressano Garcia and continue on Rua da Mesquita and finally at the end is the campus of Universidade Nova de Lisboa where ISEGI is located.

Metro and Bus (Carris)

The nearest metro/subway station is S. Sebastião (Blue/Red Line).

From downtown Lisbon several city bus routes that lead to conference venue: with Bus 202 (direction from Cais Sodré to Linda-a-Velha) and Bus 758 (direction from Cais Sodré to Portas Benfica). The nearest stop at ISEGI from these bus lines are station Rua Campolide (Escola). It takes about 5 minutes to walk from R. Campolide (Escola) station to ISEGI.

At the airport, there is a metro station, to get to ISEGI, use the red line (Vermelho) and stop at the Sao Sebastiao station (S. Sebastiao), use the exit of Rua mesquita. Use the road (Rua mesquita) to get to ISEGI, about 10 mins walk.

Other Carris: 16, 18, 26, 42, 58, 701.


Outside the airport terminal buildings there is taxi service. The service generally charges an average of €10 to the city center. Some of the taxis have meters in them and they charge a minimum of €2.35 - during the day and €2.50 - at night.




Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação (ISEGI)
Campus de Campolide
1070-312 Lisboa





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