How to get there

Getting to Münster:


Münster / Osnabrück (FMO) has many direct flights from Germany and abroad. From there it takes approximately 30 minutes by shuttle bus or taxi in the city center. The shuttle service operates twice per Hour from the airport to Münster main station. Costs are about 6 euros. There is no train commuting between the airport and Münster. For more information see

Other nearby airports include Dortmund (, Dusseldorf ( and Paderborn (


With direct links to the A43 and A1, Münster is within a 3-hour journey from Hamburg, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.


Münster’s main train station is located in the city. It is a 2-hour journey from Hamburg or Cologne to Münster, Berlin is about 3.5 hours. Enschede (NL) is a good train-hour away. Current rail links can be found here …

Getting to the Conference Venue:

To conference venue, the Münster Castle (‘Schloss Münster’ in German), it takes about 10 minutes by taxi and about 25 minutes by foot. There is a large taxi stop on the left hand side of the main entrance of Münster main station.

From the main station also several city bus routes that lead to the castle: with the line 11 (Busstg from C1 to Dieckmannstrasse) line 12 (in the direction of Givenbeck) or line 13 (in the direction of Technologiepark or Eissporthalle) or line 22(in the direction of Givenbeck), alight at stop “Landgericht” at the south of the venue. You can also take line 1 in the direction of Roxel-Hallenbad, and alight at Hindenburg Platz in front of the venue. Line From each of these stops the conference venue is already visible, and reached in 3 minutes.

For more information about arrival and transportation within the city the tourist offices in the city are recommended.