Keynote Speakers

The highlight of the Conference will be our invited 3 Keynote
Speakers: one from academia, one from an NGO and one from industry. We
feel that such a scheme will ensure that every participant will find
an interesting speeches to attend as well as get a broad perspective
on discussed topics.

The Keynote Speakers are:

Academia: Prof. Dr. Michael Goodchild

“Michael Frank Goodchild, often called as the Goodfather of GIScience, is the professor of geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the director of UCSB’s Center for Spatial Studies, the Chair the Advisory Committee on Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences of the National Science Foundation, the ex-editor of Geographical Analysis journal and one of ex-editors of Annals of the Association of American Geographers journal and he still serves on the editorial boards of ten other journals and book series.

Having written and published more then 400 articles and 15 books he is very well known for many researchers and scientists working with Geo-Science field. M. F. Goodchild’s current research interests center on geographic information science (GISc), spatial analysis, and uncertainty in geographic data.”

NGO: Chris Phillips

“Chris Phillips has been a GIS Specialist volunteer with MapAction for 4 years and has deployed to emergencies in Suriname, Kenya, The Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Haiti in addition to providing GIS/GPS training to UN agencies, the IFRC and other NGO’s in various locations around the world. In his real life he is a Senior Research Scientist for the Ordnance Survey where he explores emerging technology, trends and innovative applications of geospatial information.”

Industry: Prof. Dr. Henk J. Scholten

“Professor Henk J. Scholten is the Professor in Spatial Informatics, the course leader and founder of UNIGIS International, the co-founder and CEO of Geodan company specialized in GIS. As the Geodan leader he has been the supervisor on a large number of national and international GIS projects. Professor Scholten is advisor for several ministries in different countries.

In 2005, Prof. Scholten received a Royal Decoration for his significant contribution to geo-information, both on a national and international level.

In 2009 he has been awarded the ESRI Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contribution to advancing the science and being one of the first adopters of GIS in the world and a prolific author of books on spatial analysis.”