Olá Mappers! Are you passionate about maps? Do you enjoy visualizing your data and conveying your message via cartography? Then you are the perfect candidate for this year’s Mapathon! Similarly to previous conferences, you will have the opportunity to submit and share your astonishing maps at the 14th edition of GeoMundus.

Theme: Rivers in the Iberian Peninsula

This theme pays tribute to two of our partner universities, UJI in Castelló, Spain, and NOVA in Lisboa, Portugal, located on two different sides of the Iberian Peninsula. From the Mediterranean coast (Castelló) to the Atlantic one (Lisboa), rivers unite countries, towns, and people, bringing water and life.

About the Data

The provided datasets consist of two layers that have been grouped into a .zip file:

The first is the Iberian Peninsula boundaries | Format: SHP file | Source: Eurostat
The second is the Iberian Peninsula rivers | Format: SHP file | Source: World Wildlife Fund

It is not mandatory to use both datasets, but we recommend that you do. Also, feel free to use additional datasets similar to the ones we have already provided you with and get creative!

Please Read the Following Instructions

1. Participants are required to create a map displaying the rivers in the Iberian Peninsula. The organization provides data that fulfills these requirements, it can be substituted by the participants for data with either higher or lower detail level and additional layers can be added.

2. The techniques and software used are free to choose by the participants.

3. All the features, images and other items shown in the map must be properly cited. The presented maps should be originals created by the authors. Any signs of plagiarism will imply the disqualification from the Mapathon.

4. The final map is expected to be submitted at latest by 16th October 2022 at 23:59 CET (GMT +1). The submission portal is located at

5. The submitted map must be a PDF in A3 size (either portrait or landscape). It can be submitted extra material in a .ZIP folder (with the mandatory PDF inside it) in the case, for example, of 3D representation with a video rendered.

6. The awarded map will be discussed in a meeting of the Organizing Committee of the 14th Geomundus Conference and the results revealed during the same conference. The organizers have the right to declare the prize null and void.

Prizes to be Won

The winner will recieve a prize that will be announced soon. However, to be eligible for the Prize, you must be enrolled at a university as a student, graduated or enrolling in 2023 (undergraduate, masters and doctorate).

Previous Winner

The winner of the 2022 Mapathon is Linbing Zhuang (NOVAIMS Lisbon, Portugal) for the map "Rivers in the Iberian Peninsula". The next winner could be you! See you next year!