What is GeoMundus?

GeoMundus is a free international Conference organized by students for students.The organizing committee is the students from the Erasmus Mundus Master's of Science in Geospatial Technologies. The conference aims to share cutting-edge scientific research, knowledge, and skills in the fields of Geospatial Technologies, Geoinformatics, and Geosciences, including but not limited to geographic information systems and sciences, spatial cognition, geography, and spatial data sciences.
Please see Programme Section for more detailed information.

Why GeoMundus?

GeoMundus is an opportunity to learn about and share scientific research, knowledge, and skills with other students and researchers of all things ‘Geo’. Every year it will give participants the chance to learn about technological advancements of GI, research activities and applications on geospatial technologies in today’s world. GeoMundus is unique, featuring workshops where participants can experience first-hand the future of the field as well as a career session specially designed for students interested in a geospatial career.

Who should participate in GeoMundus 2019?

Everyone who is curious about geospatial technologies and their applications. We especially welcome students, researchers, industry leaders, and interested members of the public. It is not only a great opportunity to learn, but also to network with the brightest minds in this exciting field.

Universitat Jaume I

INIT - Institute of New Imaging Technologies

Castellón de la Plana

GeoMundus 2019 will be held in Castellón de la Plana, a pleasant, sunlit town that lies between the Desert de les Palmes hills and the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by orange groves. It is the capital of the province of Castellon, Spain and is situated 65 km north of Valencia and 285 km south of Barcelona. The venue is Universitat Jaume I, Avenida de Vicent Sos Baynat, 12071 Castellón, Spain.

Pre Conference Meetup

El Corte Inglés, Passeig de Morella, 1, 12006
Castellón de la Plana, Castellón, Spain
Thursday at 19:00

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Conference Venue

Universitat Jaume I - Espaitec 2, 2nd floor
Avenida de Vicent Sos Baynat, 12071
Castellón de la Plana
Friday and Saturday

Conference Dinner

Cervecería Gambrinus
C/ Prim, 12 - Plaza del Juez Borrull Castellón de la Plana - 12003
Telephone: 964 22 99 00 / 607115523 Vicente
Email: info@beerandfood.es

How to get to Universitat Jaume I (UJI):

+ From Barcelona:

It is possible to take a commuter train (departures every 30 minutes) from the airport to the “Barcelona Sants” railway station or to take a taxi. Follow the train signs from the airport arrivals area to the trains to Sants (Rodalies).
At Sants take a train directly to Castellón, (the ticket costs aprox. 30 Euros). You can consult Renfe (the train agency): https://www.renfe.es/ and better to buy your ticket online in advance.
Be aware that the last train to Castellón is at 20:30 (most days). if you are travelling on Long Distance trains, your ticket includes "Rodalies/Cercanías" ticket (commuter train BCN airport ‐ Barcelona Sants) free of charge. But you have to get the ticket from auto‐sales machines. So, once you arrive to the commuter train station at the airport, look for the auto‐sales machines in order to get your "Rodalies" ticket. Select "Combo Rodalies", select destination "Barcelona Sants" and introduce the 5‐digit code(CombinadoCercanias or CombinadoRodalies) on the top of your ticket. You will get the Rodalies ticket for free.
If you are staying in Hotel Voramar in Benicassim, please note that some trains from Barcelona have a stop in Benicàssim. Once in Benicàssim train station, you should take a taxi to get to the hotel.

+ From Madrid:

From Barajas Airport you can take the metro underground to Atocha Renfe (the main railway station in Madrid). The journey by taxi from the airport to the station normally costs around 15 Euros, however heavy traffic at certain times of the day can cause this price to increase dramatically.
From the Atocha there are direct trains Madrid‐Castellón or Madrid‐Valencia (and then take a 55‐minute commuter train to Castellón). You can consult Renfe (the train agency): https://www.renfe.es/ and better to buy your ticket online in advance.
Please be aware that if you are travelling on Long Distance trains; your ticket includes "Rodalies/Cercanías" ticket (commuter train Valencia‐Castellón) free of charge. But you have to get the ticket from auto‐sales machines. So, once you arrive to València Nord, look for the auto‐sales machines in order to get your "Cercanías" ticket. Select "Combo Cercanías", select destination "Castellón de la Plana" and introduce the 5‐digit code (CombinadoCercanias) on the top of your ticket. You will get the Cercanías ticket for free.
Check the time table..
For more information you can visit the Airport web site

+ From Valencia:

The best way to get to the València Nord railway station (“Estación del Norte”) from the airport is by metro line directly to the train station (metro stop “Xàtiva”) with lines 3 or 5. The trip is roughly 20 minutes. It is also possible to take a taxi which costs approximately 15€.
From Xàtiva, take escalators/stairs up to street level and cross the street to València Nord. From Valencia Nord, take the local train (“Rodalies/Cercanías” C‐6) to Valencia Nord‐Castelló de la Plana which leaves every 30 minutes during the weekdays (Monday‐Friday 5:55 to 22:30) and every hour on the weekends (Saturday‐Sunday 5:55 to 22:30).
Cercanías timetable can be checked here . For more information visit the Airport web site

Short Papers and Posters Submission

The submission period for short papers and posters is now CLOSED.

The scholarships (3 grants, 500 Euros each) were provided by AGILE to the best short paper submission to the following students:


Three best paper submissions from students will be awarded travel grants to GeoMundus 2019 worth up to 500 EUR. The grant covers hotel accommodation of up to 200 EUR and travel costs of up to 300 EUR. Note that travel and accommodation costs supported by documentation will be reimbursed. This grant is ONLY FOR STUDENTS. Those who are willing to apply for the grant should be a current student (till the date of the conference) enrolled in University/College. They should provide documents supporting their current student status from their respective University/College during the paper submission process.

Please note that GeoMundus does not provide invitations and does not support Visa Processes.

Selected authors will be notified by email and accepted short papers and posters will be displayed under section "Accepted papers and posters" on the geomundus website. The presentation will be for 15 minutes followed by a 5 minutes question-answer session. The official language of the conference is English.

For any questions about templates and formats, please write an email to program@geomundus.org Please check our website frequently for the latest updates and follow us on our social networks to receive the latest news and announcements.

Participant Registration

We are happy to announce that the registration period is now OPEN! Please register here.

Follow us in our social media for future updates about the upcoming events and activities.

2019 Team

GeoMundus is a conference organised and facilitated by the students of the Erasmus Mundus Master's of Science in Geospatial Technologies.


Jordan Bates Jordan Bates

Alexys Avellaneda Alexys Avellaneda

Brenda Ayo Brenda Ayo

Muhammad Gulraiz Khan Muhammad Gulraiz Khan

Tanmoy Chakraborty Tanmoy Chakraborty


Ignacio Ponsoda Ignacio Ponsoda

Berhanu Berga Dadi Berhanu Berga Dadi

Maicol Camargo Maicol Camargo

Mutaz Wajeh Qafisheh Mutaz Wajeh Qafisheh

Tina Baidar Tina Baidar


Juntian Xia Juntian Xia

Annette Achieng Annette Achieng

Chamodi Boyagoda Chamodi Boyagoda

Muhammad Hasan Mustafa Muhammad Hasan Mustafa

Somnath Chaudhuri Somnath Chaudhuri


Moritz Hildemann Moritz Hildemann

Braundt Lau Braundt Lau

Carlos Javier Delgado Gonzales Carlos Javier Delgado Gonzalez

Mihail Petkov Mihail Petkov


Hassan Mohammed Omar Hassan Mohammed Omar

Itzá Alejandra Hernández Sequeira Itzá Alejandra Hernández Sequeira

Vicente Tang Vicente Tang

Violeta Sosa Leon Violeta Sosa Leon


Amrit Karmacharya Amrit Karmacharya

Bruno Carvalho Lopes Rogério Bruno Carvalho Lopes Rogério

Ismail Sunni Ismail Sunni

Senait Meles Alema Senait Meles Alema


If you have any questions, please contact us via email. Alternatively, please write to us at our mailing address listed below.

Mailing address

Universitat Jaume I Edificio ESPAITEC 2
Campus del Riu Sec
Av. Vicent Sos Baynat, s/n 12071
Castellón de la Plana, España

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Sponsors & Partners

Geomundus is looking for sponsors and partners from all the spatial, technological, public or private, scientific, governmental, academic and more fields. We will be thrilled to have all the support and participation in this international event.

Please feel free to contact the budget team at budget@geomundus.org for more information on how to help and contribute! We will glad to hear all the wishes to sponsor the 2019 GeoMundus conference and future years. We are looking for sponsors and partners.